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Our Courses

Sailing School

We organise sailing courses for all knowledge levels ‚Äď beginners, advanced, cruising, skippers and custom made courses.

Our Advantages

Brand new yacht for RYA courses

We’re the only RYA Training Centre in Croatia that offers RYA courses on a brand-new, modern sailing yacht. Our Dehler 38 SQ – Blue Eye – is a true performance cruiser – lightning fast but also comfortable.

Cosy, fast, safe

Performance sails and a sporty line allow her to sail well even on light wind. The spacious cockpit enables the crew to sail actively and enjoy while at anchor.

Inside are three double cabins, a cosy saloon, a dining table, a chart table, and a kitchen with a sink, a stove, and a fridge. Also, there’s a bathroom with a toilet and a shower. All of this, along with brand-new safety equipment, make her an enjoyable yacht for learning sailing.

20% off when you charter with us

After you successfully finish the RYA Day Skipper or RYA Coastal Skipper course with us, we’ll give you a 20% discount on your first charter*.

Charter fleet with superb support

You can choose from our fleet of 10 Beneteau Firsts 35 and enjoy your first cruise on your own in a familiar area. 

Our technical staff will prepare a yacht for you impeccably, and our RYA instructors, whom you met during your course, will assist you with the check-in.

All of them will be available for you to call and consult during your cruise and give you the best tips on route planning, weather, interesting spots to visit etc.

*You’ll also need an RYA VHF-SRC Marine radio certificate to be able to charter a yacht in Croatia and other countries worldwide

Stunning sailing area

Croatia is the biggest nautic tourism destination in the world because of its stunning Adriatic sea with more than a thousand islands, perfect wind conditions, picturesque Mediterranean stone-paved villages, ancient Greek and Roman towns, excellent food and great nautical infrastructure.

Two national parks

Our location is in the village of Jezera, on the island of Murter, in the middle of the Adriatic – famous for its steady sea breeze.

We sail in between two national parks – Kornati archipelago and Krka river waterfalls – with many islands and bays perfect for swimming in the crystal clear azure sea in between.

The bridge connects the island of Murter with the mainland, and this heart of ancient Dalmatia is just a short drive away from two airports – Zadar and Split.


What are RYA sailing courses and certificates?

British¬†Royal Yachting Association‚Äôs¬†(RYA) training scheme is the world‚Äôs biggest, best and most reputable yachting training scheme. With more than 50 years of tradition, the RYA offers more than¬†100 courses¬†‚Äď from beginner to professional level ‚Äď through 2.400 recognised training centres in 58 countries. Each year, more than 270.000 people learn how to sail on sailing yachts or dinghies, operate a powerboat, motor yacht or jet ski, surf and race on the RYA courses. More than 25.000 professional RYA instructors deliver the RYA courses, and the RYA publishes more than¬†100 publications¬†to support its courses. Also, over 25.000 professionals working on commercial vessels worldwide have¬†RYA Certificates of Competence. The RYA certificates for recreational and professional boaters are recognised and accepted worldwide. With the¬†RYA Day Skipper¬†or the¬†RYA Coastal Skipper¬†certificate and a¬†VHF ‚Äď SRC Marine Radio¬†certificate, you‚Äôll be able to charter a sailing yacht in Croatia and most countries worldwide. Center of Sailing is an RYA recognised training centre.

What are the advantages of the RYA courses?

1. Internationally recognised and accepted certificates, 2. Quality educational materials and methods, 3. Professional instruction by trained instructors, 4. Specific goals and training for each level of the program, 5. Special students discounts on chartering one of the boats in our fleet

What’s the RYA courses pathway?

First, you join the¬†RYA Competent Crew¬†course to learn sailing, knots and basic seamanship. Then you follow with a Day Skipper Theory course and a¬†Day Skipper¬†(practical) course to start sailing on your own. The RYA Day Skipper certificate, accompanied by the¬†RYA VHF ‚Äď SRC Marine Radio¬†certificate, is the minimum requirement to charter a yacht in Croatia and worldwide. The¬†RYA Coastal Skipper¬†course is the next step if you want to sail day and night on longer coastal and offshore passages. It also puts an excellent foundation for the¬†RYA/MCA Yachtmaster(TM) qualifications.¬†

Which RYA sailing courses and certificates does the Center Of Sailing offer?

We offer the RYA Competent Crew (practical) course, the RYA Day Skipper Theory course, the RYA Day Skipper (practical) course, the RYA VHF ‚Äď SRC Marine Radio course, the RYA Coastal Skipper course. We also offer a Day Skipper Fast Track program and refreshers of RYA courses. After successfully completing these courses, students get awarded the appropriate RYA certificate. The RYA certificates for recreational and professional boaters are recognised and accepted worldwide. With the¬†RYA Day Skipper¬†or the¬†RYA Coastal Skipper¬†certificate and a¬†VHF ‚Äď SRC Marine Radio¬†certificate, you‚Äôll be able to charter a sailing yacht in Croatia and most countries worldwide.

What does it mean that the Center of Sailing is an RYA recognised training centre?

Center of Sailing is an RYA recognised training centre, which means we comply with the high standards of the¬†RYA training scheme. Our RYA instructors are trained professionals who did most of the RYA courses they now teach. The equipment of our yacht and the way we operate comply with RYA‚Äôs strict safety standards, and we must pass an RYA inspection every year. The RYA licences us to run the RYA courses following a structured program accompanied by all necessary¬†handbooks and training materials¬†published by the RYA. The RYA also authorises us to issue the¬†RYA certificates¬†for successful students after the courses. To enable our students to expand and broaden their sailing skills, we also offer non-RYA courses ‚ÄstSail Faster!¬†and mile-building Dubrovnik Adventure.

What to pack/wear for/on a sailing course?

Warm weather: hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, shorts, T-shirts, swimwear, non-marking deck shoes or trainers, flip flops (only on land), spare set of clothing. Cold weather:¬†lightweight jacket, fleece, hoodie, comfortable trousers, non-marking deck shoes or trainers, sailing boots, waterproof sailing jacket and trousers, warm underwear, and a spare set of clothing.¬† Special sailing gear:¬†We strongly advise taking a pair of good-fitting sailing gloves. Here are some brands and stores where you can find sailing gear: Decathlon, Gill ‚Äď Sailing Point, Musto, Helly Hansen, Slam, Henri Lloyd. Please use soft foldable bags because of the limited storage on board. In case you can‚Äôt avoid a hard-shelled trolley we have some storage place in our office. Please take all the medicines (prescription and non-prescription) needed for the whole course duration.

Do I need my safety equipment?

No, our sailing yachts are equipped with all required safety equipment, including liferaft, self-inflatable lifejackets and harness lines.

What’s included in the price of a sailing course?

The course, Instructor, Accommodation in shared cabins ‚Äď single-use of cabins available, Free unlimited wi-fi on board, Fuel, Cooking gas, Final cleaning, Docking fees in the base marina ‚Äď ACI Jezera, Bed sheets, Covers, Duvets, Pillows, Pillowcases, Towels (beach towels included), Cleaning utensils, Kitchen towels, Bathroom soap, Mosquito repellent, Plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, Tourist tax, VAT. Additionally, for the RYA courses: RYA Instructor, RYA course materials and handbooks, RYA certificates - after successful completion of the course, RYA log books with mileage signed in. Not Included: Flights and travel costs, Travel and medical insurance, Docking/buoy fees in other marinas/bays, Food & drinks ‚Äď for the crew and the instructor

What are the additional costs of a sailing course?

Food & drinks, for the crew and the instructor, Docking/buoy fees in other marinas/bays, Flights and travel costs, Travel and medical insurance

What facilities are available onboard?

Depending on the course booked, the yachts are equipped with 2, 3 or 4+1 cabins and (1 or 4 toilets with sinks, mirrors and hot water showers). The kitchen includes the most important ‚Äď a fridge, sink, two gas cooking rings and a small oven. ¬† Offshore there are 12 VOLT and USB chargers for computers and phones. 220 Volt power is available only when docked in a marina or port. Since our routes are sometimes out of the coverage of telephone networks, there may be interruptions in communication.