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Terms & Conditions


The payment of any deposit shall constitute consent to all the provisions contained herein.

A deposit of 50% of the course fee is required to secure the booking of a sailing course. 

The balance is due 30 days prior to the course start date. 

If the booking is within 30 days of the course’s start date, the full fee is required.

If, within 30 days prior to the course, the balance of the fee has not been received Center of Sailing reserves the right to resell the Student’s berth.

Payment is accepted by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, wire transfer or any other mutually agreed form of payment.

A booking will be considered confirmed once the booking process is finished ‚Äď the terms and conditions accepted and the payment of the agreed amount has been done. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation from us that your booking is confirmed. ‚Äč 


In case of cancellation by the client, deposits and fees are not refundable.

A cancellation has to be communicated to us in writing. The effective date will be that on which the notification is received.

We reserve the right to apply a cancellation fee depending on the timing of the cancellation:

‚Äď 50% of the total cost of the course/cruise, if cancellation happens up to 30 days from the course start date

‚Äď 100% non-refundable if cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the course/cruise begging. 

We will, however, make all efforts to reschedule you for the next available opportunity, and we reserve the right to levy a 10% rebooking fee.

If we are able to re-sell your berth, this may be partially waived in the amount we have been able to recover, less a 10% rebooking fee.

‚ÄčAs with any event/travel, for practical courses, we highly recommend you take your own travel insurance to cover your expenses should you have to cancel or postpone due to a personal or medical issue, as well as evacuation/accident insurance.¬†¬†

Should you need to leave the course before it is complete due to sickness, family emergency or any other reason, no refunds or adjustments can be made for any unused portion of the course.


Should we need to cancel or postpone a course for any reason except weather/force majeure, we will make all efforts to rebook customers on the next available course. 

Should you not be able to take a rebooking, we will refund you any amount paid (deposit or payment) minus bank or credit card handling fees. In such case, our liability will be limited to the return of the fees and deposits already paid.

In exceptional circumstances, we may be forced by “force majeure” to cancel,¬†change or terminate your course or cruise. “Force majeure” is an event that¬†the Center of Sailing could not foresee or avoid, even with all due care. Such events may include, whether actual or threatened, war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, an outbreak of serious disease or pandemic, adverse weather conditions, government action, fire and all similar events outside of our control. Where such circumstances occur, Center of sailing will not be liable to refund deposits or fees already paid, offer compensation or meet any costs or expenses you incur.


Payment for all theory courses is 100% due at the booking time to reserve your spot and/or receive your individual login information plus learning material. The cost for the online courses will become non-refundable once the customer has logged in to the online course.


We accept students aged 12-18, accompanied by a parent/guardian who accepts the Terms and Conditions for the minor student. Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian all the time during the course. There is no upper age limit, but please remember that taking part in a sailing course requires a basic fitness level. 


Please note that all the RYA pre-learning, courses and exams are delivered in English.

Other courses, such as regatta sailing and offshore courses, are delivered either in Croatian, English or German – in the participants’ language of choice.


The Center of Sailing’s vessels are run as ‘dry ships’ when underway and possibly at anchorages if there is a possibility of having to ‘up anchor’ and move off. This is at the Skipper – instructor’s discretion. In port, reasonable amounts of alcohol may be consumed. Still, excessive alcohol consumption that leads to situations putting people at risk or where the harmony of life on board is disturbed to the extent that other guests are made uncomfortable will not be tolerated. If this situation arises, the Skipper – instructor reserves the right to disembark any student or group at an intermediary port. Center of sailing will not reimburse or in any way be held responsible for any costs incurred for travel or any other expenses.


No illegal drugs, substances, objects, or contraband may be brought onboard the yacht. Any person found in possession of or under the influence of any illegal substance will be removed from the course and vessel immediately, regardless of location. The Center of Sailing will not reimburse or in any way be held responsible for any costs incurred for travel or any other expenses. In addition, you shall indemnify the Center of Sailing and the Skipper-instructor against all legal action, impoundment and loss incurred as a result.


If, in our opinion, you conduct yourself so as to endanger the vessel or any person or property on board or behave in a disorderly manner or in a manner to which other students may reasonably object, we reserve the right to take such measures to prevent continuation of such conduct, including your removal from the vessel. In such an instance, no refunds will be issued, and the Center of Sailing will not reimburse or in any way be held responsible for any costs incurred for travel or any other expenses. 

You agree to abide by the orders of the Skipper – instructor in command of the school vessel at all times as his authority is total day and night in accordance with Marine Law. If, for any reason whatsoever, you do not accept an order from the Skipper – instructor or his designated substitute, whether you consider it reasonable or not, you shall be in breach of this. The Skipper-Instructor shall take any action or decision he considers fit for the well-being of the vessel and crew. If you are placed ashore at the nearest port, no liability shall attach itself to the School, and neither shall you have redress for any expenses or unused portion of the fee. Neither any redress against the Skipper-instructor or Center of Sailing as a result of actions taken by the Skipper-instructor.


No smoking is allowed below decks at any time. If you must smoke, please use the leeward deck and stay downwind from other students. 


‚ÄčAll students will be expected to participate in cooking, cleaning the vessel and routine maintenance as required by the Skipper – instructor. 


‚ÄčCertificates will only be issued at the end of a course if, in the opinion of the Center of Sailing‚Äôs Instructor and Chief instructor, the Student has reached the necessary standard. The Center of Sailing‚Äôs Instructor and Chief instructor‚Äôs decision shall be final and accepted by all Students.


You agree to be responsible for and to replace and make good any injury to the yacht, her furnishings and equipment caused by you or any of your party, less any wear and tear. The limits of your liability for any injury to the yacht and the equipment is the deductible amount on the insurance hull coverage carried on the vessel per incident.


Center of Sailing will take every rational precaution to keep the students safe and avoid risk but is not taking any responsibility for possible damages or injuries that attendants could cause to themselves or to third persons during the course. All Students participate in any aspect of any course at their own risk.

No liability is accepted for any Student‚Äôs vehicles parked on the Marina grounds, or Student‚Äôs Possessions in the vehicle, on the pontoons or in the Center of sailing vessels.‚Äč


You understand that the Center of Sailing reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any of its programs and hereby agree that we may use any such photographic or film records for promotional and/or commercial purposes without any remuneration to you. You agree to assign all rights, titles and interests you may have in or to any media in which your name or likeness might be used to Center of Sailing. In case you do not agree to images of you being used for this purpose, please inform us in writing before the start of your course at info@centerofsailing.com.  


If a complaint arises, the Center of Sailing will undertake every effort to resolve any issues promptly. In case you are dissatisfied with any element of the service provided by the Center of Sailing, you should inform the Skipper Рinstructor, at the earliest opportunity, who will endeavour to rectify the situation. If you remain dissatisfied, please inform the Chief instructor. If you still feel unsatisfied, you should write to the Principal of the Center of Sailing within two weeks of the end of the course or cruise. Finally, you can also write to the RYA. Failure to adhere to this procedure will affect any compensation Center of Sailing, at its sole discretion, may choose to award. 


If the Student is not satisfied with the Center of Sailing’s decision and cannot come to a peaceful agreement with the Center of Sailing, he is entitled to court arbitration. In such a case, the parties shall accept the jurisdiction of the court in Zagreb and the application of the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

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