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RYA Online Theory Courses

Learn Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper theory online! Intermediate

Do you want to learn navigation, rules of avoiding collision, and weather and get the theory knowledge to join the Day Skipper or the Coastal Skipper practical courses? RYA Online Theory Courses are a perfect choice for you. These courses use fully narrated and animated lessons to provide enjoyable, high-quality, in-depth theory training.

Duration: 40 + hours + exam (2 - 3 hours)Availability: All year roundAge: No age limitsLanguage: EnglishPartner provider: SkippersOnline

RYA Online Theory Courses – Courses description

We partnered with the recognised RYA Training Centre SkippersOnline to enable you to take your RYA Day Skipper theory or RYA Coastal Skipper theory courses online. These courses provide essential theoretical knowledge to follow your RYA Day Skipper or RYA Coastal Skipper practical courses.

Engaging and informative RYA online theory courses use fully narrated and animated lessons to provide enjoyable, high-quality, in-depth theory training. With regular exercises in each lesson and mock exams to prepare for the real thing, you’ll confidently work towards your RYA theory qualification. The courses go beyond the RYA theory syllabus to teach you how to safely and efficiently skipper a yacht.

RYA online theory courses are intuitive and easy to follow. More complex subjects are carefully explained with animated elements and step-by-step illustrations. And you can go over them again and again until you fully understand them. Regular quizzes reinforce your learning, and exercises at the end of each lesson confirm your progress to prepare you for your mock and final exams fully.

A team of highly experienced RYA Instructors from the provider of these courses, the recognised RYA Training Centre SkippersOnline, is always available for unlimited assistance on any aspect of your course. They’ll also give you fast and thorough feedback on exercises and exams.

You’ll also get an RYA Student Pack for the chosen course – including two training charts, a training almanac and a course handbook to follow the course and practice during the exercises. If you already don’t have one, you can order course-plotter and chart-dividers needed for the chartwork exercises for a surcharge (28 £) when you place your order.

Free Trial:

Try a lesson for free to see how the RYA Online Theory Courses work – no obligation, no sign-up, no payment card required.

RYA Day Skipper Theory Course

RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory Course

You can choose the RYA Day Skipper Online Theory Course, the RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Online Theory Course, or a combination (bundle) of both. Theory knowledge and requirements are the same from the RYA Coastal Skipper to the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore level.

Delivery of the materials is organised with DHL Express. UK delivery is free. European delivery is £20, outside Europe delivery is £40. You can start studying immediately, as many of the lessons don’t rely on printed support materials.

What will you learn:

RYA Day Skipper Online Theory Course:

  • Chart Familiarisation
  • Tidal Heights
  • Tidal Streams
  • The Compass & Position Fixing
  • Dead Reckoning & Estimated Position
  • Course to Steer
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Buoyage
  • Pilotage
  • Passage Planning
  • Meteorology
  • The Collision Regulations
  • Safety & Protection of the Environment

RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Online Theory Course:

  • Charts & Other Publications
  • Definition of Position, Time, Speed & Distance
  • The Compass (including allowance for deviation and swinging the compass)
  • Tidal Theory
  • Tidal Heights (including secondary ports)
  • Tidal Streams (including interpolation of drift)
  • Estimated Position
  • Course to Steer
  • Visual Aids to Navigation
  • Electronic Aids to Navigation
  • Pilotage
  • Passage Planning
  • Meteorology (including interpreting surface pressure charts)
  • The Collision Regulations
  • Safety & Protection of The Environment

Ability after the course:

RYA Day Skipper Online Theory Course – Background knowledge to skipper a small yacht in familiar waters by day.

RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Online Theory Course – Theory knowledge to skipper a vessel on coastal and offshore passages by day and night.


RYA Day Skipper Online Theory Course – RYA/MCA Day Skipper Shorebased Course Certificate

RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Online Theory Course – RYA/MCA Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased Course Certificate


  • Unlimited support from SkippersOnline RYA Instructors - 182, or 365 days a year via email, phone or Skype/Zoom.
  • 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee.
  • 15 (Day Skipper) or 17 (Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster) fully-narrated online lessons including animations, videos and realistic 3D graphics.
  • Embedded quizzes with instant feedback in each lesson.
  • 15 (Day Skipper) or 14 (Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster) self-assessment exercises with fully worked answers.
  • Over 50 downloadable or linked resources.
  • Mock exams to prepare you for the real thing and give you the confidence to pass.
  • Two (Day Skipper) or three (Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster) final online exams with detailed instructor feedback and free repeat attempts if requried.
  • RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Theory Course Completion Certificate or RYA Costal Skipper/Yachtmaster Shorebased Theory Course Completion Certificate.
  • 6 - 12 months access to study with instructor support and exams - you can extend this if you want.
  • Lifetime access to training materials once you’ve completed the course.

Not included:

  • Plotter and divider. You’ll need a course plotter and chart-dividers to complete the chartwork exercises. If you don’t already have these you can purchase a set from SkippersOnline for £28 when you place your order.


  • Assumed knowledge (Day Skipper): Practical experience to Competent Crew level is desirable
  • Assumed knowledge (Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster): To Day Skipper theory level

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